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You are here: Golden Sands resort is a popular tourist destination, unique combination of sea, wonderful beach and natural forest, visited by many tourists from Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and others. The resort is a major town on the northern Black Sea Coast. It is located 17 km north of Varna city and it is a part of Golden Sands Natural Park. The beaches are covered with crystal golden sand and clear blue sea.

The resort has perfect conditions for recreation, entertainment, sport and spa treatment. Wonderful place to stay with children, restful holiday for adults. Apart from its natural beauty, Golden Sands boasts a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to diverse tastes. Visitors can indulge in local Bulgarian cuisine or explore international flavors. The resort also features a bustling promenade with shops and entertainment options, providing a lively atmosphere throughout the day and night.

The climate is temperate. The average air temperature from May to September is 18 – 28°C, and the water temperature – 18-24°C. The sea breeze is always pleasant, especially at night, when it keeps temperatures cooler to ensure pleasant dreams.

Golden Sands is served by several regular bus lines of the Varna public transport / regular from May until October/. Buses №9 and №109 connect the resort to Varna Railway Station, bus №409 connects to Varna International Airport via the city center and bus №209 connect to other areas of Varna.

For more information visit: www.goldensands-bg.com

Sts Constantine and Helena Resort is one of the most popular and beautiful Bulgarian resorts. It is the oldest officially recognized Black Sea resort. One of its major priorities is the availability of seven mineral springs with depth from 1800 to 2050 m and a general capacity of 175 l/sec together with 40°C to 60°C mineral water temperature. The therapeutic properties of the mineral springs have contributed to the development of spa and wellness facilities within the resort, attracting tourists seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.
The beaches are covered with gold sand, open from May to October, offers various recreational summer beach entertainments, which gives you chance to spend a perfect holiday at reasonable prices.

The Monastery of Sts. Constantine and Helena is situated in the heart of the seaside resort – a blessed small oasis of tranquility, lush greenery, and the chatter of nearby spring and stream waters; a tiny hush island in the hub of life, joyful clamor and multilingual speech.

Pamper yourself with various culinary dishes of our national cuisine in the restaurants all along the beach promenade.

For more information visit: www.visitstconstantine.bg

The Aladzha Monastery is a captivating historical site located near Golden Sands on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Dating back to the 12th century, this medieval cave monastery is carved into the rock of a vertical karst cliff, creating a unique and mystical atmosphere. The monastery, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, served as a place of worship for Christian monks and hermits.

Visitors to the Aladzha Monastery can explore a network of interconnected caves, chambers, and tunnels that were once used as chapels, monk cells, and common areas. The site features impressive frescoes, revealing remnants of the vibrant medieval artwork that adorned the walls. Over the centuries, the monastery has witnessed various cultural influences, including Byzantine and Gothic elements.

  •  Distance from hotel: 5 minutes by car / 30 minutes on foot

Varna is often referred to as the “Sea Capital” of Bulgaria, is a vibrant and diverse coastal city situated on the country’s Black Sea coast. Serving as a major cultural, economic, and tourist hub, Varna seamlessly blends its rich history with modern amenities, making it a captivating destination for visitors.
With a history dating back thousands of years, Varna is home to archaeological treasures that showcase its ancient roots. The Varna Necropolis, one of the world’s oldest burial sites, attests to the city’s significance in antiquity. The Archaeological Museum in Varna houses a remarkable collection of artifacts, including the world-famous Varna Gold, providing insights into the region’s Thracian, Greek, and Roman heritage.

What you can visit:

  • Archaeological Museum Varna
  • Varna Ethnographic Museum
  • Varna Museum of Modern History
  • Retro Museum, situated in Grand Mall Varna
  • Park Museum „Vladislav Varnenchik“
  • The Early Christian Basilica of Odessos
  • Large and Small roman baths
  • The embankment of Asparuh
  • Festival and Congress Centre
  • The Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Varna Opera

The “Dormition of the Mother of God” Cathedral

Located in the heart of Varna, the Cathedral has become one of the landmarks of the city.

The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral in Varna, Bulgaria, stands as a significant religious and architectural landmark. Completed in 1886, this Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral exemplifies the national revival style. Its awe-inspiring facade features intricate murals and decorative elements, showcasing the artistic craftsmanship of the period.

The cathedral’s interior is adorned with stunning iconography and a majestic iconostasis, contributing to its spiritual ambiance. With its central location in Varna, the cathedral serves as a focal point for both locals and visitors, offering a serene space for prayer and reflection. The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral is not only a place of worship but also a symbol of Bulgaria’s cultural and religious heritage.

Beaches and Seaside Attractions:

Varna’s coastline is adorned with beautiful beaches, with the Sea Garden being a prominent recreational area. This expansive park along the shore offers a blend of landscaped gardens, seaside promenades, and open-air attractions is favorite place of all citizens of Varna. The city’s main beach, known as the Varna Beach, is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, featuring golden sands and a variety of water sports.

Walking through Sea Garden you will see The Pantheon of the Perished in the Fight against Fascism, open-air summer theatre with many spectacles, the Observatory and Planetarium.

Attractions for the children: open air Varna Zoo.

Children’s amusement park, Dolphinarium and the Exotic zoo terrarium, etc. Dolphinarium Varna is one-of-a-kind attraction in Bulgaria that offers entertainment for the whole family with dolphin shows year-round.

The Dolphinarium offers various shows, from the incredible acrobatics of the dolphins to swimming with dolphins and interactions with seals. It is set amidst greenery in the northern part of the Varna Sea Garden with a wonderful sea view. It was opened on 11.08.1984 and is a symbol not only of Varna but also of the tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The Dolphinarium is a must in the programs of all tourists visiting the Bulgarian seaside

For more information visit: https://dolphinariumvarna.bg

Maritime Attractions:

Given its maritime significance, Varna boasts the Naval Museum, offering a glimpse into Bulgaria’s naval history with exhibits ranging from naval weaponry to ship models. The city’s Sea Port is a bustling hub, facilitating maritime trade and serving as a departure point for sea cruises along the Black Sea.

  • Monuments to famous Bulgarians
    • Naval Museum and Ship “Daring”
    • Port Varna
    • Lighthouse Varna

Dining and Entertainment:

Varna’s diverse culinary scene reflects its status as a cultural melting pot. The city offers a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, where visitors can savor traditional Bulgarian dishes, seafood, and international cuisine. The vibrant nightlife includes bars, clubs, and beachfront establishments, making Varna a lively destination after the sun sets.

  • Grand Mall Varna – shopping center, cinema and dining area
    • Delta Mall – shopping center, cinema and dining area
    • Mall Varna – shopping center, cinema and dining area
    • Various locations in Varna Port
    • Varna Fun Port – amusement park for adults and children

Festivals and Events:

Throughout the year, Varna hosts various cultural events and festivals. The Varna Summer International Music Festival attracts renowned artists, while the International Ballet Competition draws ballet enthusiasts from around the world. These events contribute to the city’s reputation as a cultural hub on the Black Sea coast.

  •  Varna Summer International Music Festival
  • Varna Film Festival – Love is Folly
  • Varna International Ballet Competition

“Pobiti Kamani

Natural rock formation, they represent limestone columns of different heights – from 5 to 7 m, thickness – from 0.3 to 3 m and different sections. They look like they have been “beaten” into the sand, hence their name. The columns are without solid foundations, hollow and filled with sand. Some of them are made up of different layers with a total height of between 5 and 7 m.

The approximate size of the protected area where the “Pobiti Kamani” are located is 2.5 km2.

  •  Distance from hotel: 45 minutes by car

Historical Park – Neofit Rilski

For those wishing to experience Bulgarian history in person, we recommend a visit to the Historical Park, in the village of Neofit Rilski.

The complex is a tourist attraction with a cultural and historical orientation, which represents the various people that lived in Bulgaria and the eras that they lived in, from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic eras, through the Thracian tribes, Greek traders, Roman administrators, Bulgarian and Slav settlers in the 6th and 7th centuries, all the way to the Bulgarian first and second kingdoms in the 14th century.

The park comprises multiple reconstructions such as those of Thracian castle and tombs, Roman amphitheater, Bulgarian and Slavic villages, buildings from the 1st Bulgarian kingdom, and the 2nd Bulgarian kingdom.

  • Distance from hotel: 1 hour by car

Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra, situated on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, is a stunning headland celebrated for its natural beauty and historical significance. Offering captivating views of the sea, the cape is home to the remains of an ancient fortress, revealing the area’s rich history.

Designated as a nature reserve, Cape Kaliakra boasts diverse flora and fauna, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can explore archaeological sites, including a medieval fortress, while enjoying the picturesque cliffs and clear waters. The cape’s unique blend of history and natural charm makes it a must-visit destination along Bulgaria’s coastline.

  • Distance from hotel: 1 hour by car

Dalboka – Black Sea mussels farm

In the north, in Dobrudzha – one of the clearest regions of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the beautiful Kaliakra bay is located the Dalboka mussel farm. Here are cultivated ecologically clean Black Sea mussels, which are famous for their gustatory qualities and healthy components.

  •  Distance from hotel: 50 minutes by car

► Website : https://www.dalboka.eu/en/

Beach Bolata

Bolata Beach is located between Cape Kaliakra and the village of Bulgarevo, on the Northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The beach strip is part of a reserve of the same name, over which passes one of the great aerial highways of migratory birds from all over Europe – the Via Pontica. Bolata Beach is also known as a diving spot.

  •  Distance from hotel: 1 hour by car

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